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About Me – My Journey as an Empath and Spiritual Guide

Welcome to ThePurpleBubble.com, a sanctuary where spirituality and wellness meet. My name is Ari, and I am the heart behind this serene space. As an empath and spiritual enthusiast, my journey has been deeply intertwined with the quest for understanding and harnessing my own sensitive energies to help others. Here, I share a bit of my path and the role that spiritual practices, particularly the concept of the “purple bubble,” play in my life and work.

Discovering My Path

From a young age, I realized that I was different. I could sense emotions and energies that others seemed oblivious to. This sensitivity was both a gift and a challenge. It allowed me deep insights into others’ feelings and thoughts but also meant that I often carried the heavy burden of those external emotional energies. Understanding and managing this became my life’s work.

The Role of the “Purple Bubble”

In my search for balance and protection, I discovered the concept of the “purple shield,” a psychic and emotional barrier that helps protect empaths from energy overload, which I have embraced and coined as my own “purble bubble.” Purple, a color traditionally associated with spirituality, protection, and healing, perfectly embodies the essence of this shield. It not only guards against overwhelming energies but also empowers by reclaiming personal space and peace. The purple shield, imbued with high spiritual vibrations, is visualized as a protective barrier around the empath. This barrier allows empaths to remain open enough to perceive and understand others’ emotions—crucial for their roles as therapists, healers, counselors, etc.—without those emotions penetrating deeply enough to cause personal distress or energetic depletion.

Mechanics of the Shield: The shield is imagined as semi-permeable. It is not as impermeable as a white light shield, which can be too restrictive for heart-to-heart interactions necessary in empathic work. Instead, the purple shield allows for an empathetic connection and healing interactions where the empath can listen, understand, and offer support without taking on the pain, stress, or negative energy of others.

My purple bubble is not just a protective barrier; it’s a nurturing cocoon that allows me to listen and heal without absorbing the negativity or pain of others. This tool has been instrumental in my personal and professional realm, where I encounter numerous energies daily. It ensures that I remain empathetic and compassionate without compromising my own energy.

A Life Dedicated to Healing and Guidance

Embracing my identity as an empath and lightworker meant stepping fully into roles that allow me to support others—whether they are navigating personal crises, seeking spiritual enlightenment, or simply looking for a listening ear. To maintain my own equilibrium and the effectiveness of my purple bubble, I engage in regular grounding and centering practices. Meditation, mindfulness, and the use of crystals are part of my daily routine, helping to clear and strengthen my energy fields. I also teach these techniques, empowering others to protect and nurture their own energies.

Empowering Others

At ThePurpleBubble.com, I aim to provide resources, products, and insights that assist others in their spiritual journeys. From carefully selected healing crystals to empowering workshops, every element is designed to support wellness and spiritual growth.

Join the Community

Whether you are new to the concept of energy healing or an experienced practitioner, I invite you to explore ThePurpleBubble.com and discover ways to enhance your own spiritual practice. Join our community of like-minded individuals, and let’s journey together towards greater understanding and peace.

Thank you for visiting, and may you find the tools and support you need to embrace your own path, shielded and empowered.

Through this page, I hope to connect with you personally and inspire you to explore the depth of your own spiritual abilities and protect your energy as you walk through life.

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