Practical Guide To Astral Projection By Denning & Phillips


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The llewellyn practical guide to astral projection by denning and phillips is simply the best step-by-step set of lessons for learning this skill ever published.Over a quarter-million people are using this book to help them learn this valuable skill.If you want to learn how to project your consciousness onto the astral plane, you should use it, too.First, as the book shows, this skill is natural.You do it all the time (in dreams, for example.) in a sense, it is more natural than walking.Further, it allows you to have spiritual experiences on the astral plane.Plus, what you create on the astral plane creates changes on the physical plane.The book begins by showing you what astral projection is and what it is not, what can happen and what fantasy is.As a result, you will discover that astral projection can be safe, comforting, exhilarating, and fun.With this book in hand, you can explore realms you’ve only dreamed of.

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